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Being a Good Steward of the Gift of Life

Many of us do not appreciate the things that are provided to us, taking advantage of them, not until we lose them. We often wait until tomorrow to begin doing things, making changes, and aligning our purpose.

Living with words spoken or unsaid, deeds done or left undone, and actions taken or not taken is one of the biggest burdens that many people bear throughout their lives.

If you’re not okay with any of that, don’t settle for it with yourself and your own body. You are the steward of this incredible gift, and it’s called life, which is also regarded as a healthy body. These things were bestowed upon us at birth, despite the fact that we did not deserve them. We did nothing to deserve it, but it was simply conferred upon us. And the least we can do is treasure it, and the vehicle through which we experience that, which is our body. Take care of the body that we’re given, and steward it properly throughout our life.

So take action and address whatever is precluding you from doing what you need to do. Begin investing in yourself, and take care of the things that are given to you, whether they are living or non-living. Allow yourself to enjoy what these things were intended to do, but do it with good intentions. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Don’t wait for the ideal moment. Turn the ship around now, while you still have the opportunity, and start heading in the right direction right now.