The Other 23 Hours

If you’re an athlete, then you know that recovery is just as important as the actual workout. Without proper recovery, your body can’t repair the damage done during training and it becomes harder and harder to make progress. Every athlete’s recovery will be different. Sometimes this is dictated by injuries, history or chronic pains, and new movements that may result in varying degrees of muscle soreness which make them feel like they’ve been hit with a bat every time someone touches their muscles but these individuals also need to focus on themselves while working hard at building strength again after an injury. 

Most people don’t think about recovery as a critical piece of their daily routine, but it’s just as important as the time you spend working. Recovery means something different to each person. A broad statement encompassing recovery is the intentional rest, nourishment, healing, and reset, (whether active or passive) that is completed in order to increase performance and overall well-being. For some, it means taking time off work to heal themselves physically and mentally; this could be as simple as eating healthy foods or getting enough sleep every day. Others may need more active assistance in order to recover from their injuries–this includes things like exercise programs tailored towards the specific needs that help you feel better fast. 

With the amount of time, energy, effort, and finances that we invest into our actual training ask yourself- how much do I devote to my recovery?

The average person is only in the gym for one hour each day, which leaves 23 hours of recovery. Do you make the most of that time before you’re back in the gym? Only a few people use that time for recovery. Recovery from work, from stress, from life. It’s important to take that time and use it for yourself so you can recharge and come back stronger. The beauty of NBS is that all of our coaches are mindful of recovery in various aspects. Physical recovery, as found in the recovery room, dietary recovery established through our nutrition coaching, and even mental recovery created with mindset coaching. Recovery is whatever makes you feel better.

You ask a lot of your body during your workout routine, how much will you recover before you ask it to perform again?

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