Why Taking Supplements Are Also Essential

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Think about your diet for a minute. You may be eating the right amount of calories, but still not getting all the nutrients you need to perform at your best. Even if you’re hitting most of the food groups, there’s no guarantee that it’s enough to keep up with what your body needs during a workout and having a good sleep. This is where supplements come in handy. From protein shakes to vitamins and minerals, these ingredients will improve your performance in many ways! They can help fill in those gaps and give you everything you need to sleep better, feel energized and stay strong throughout your day or workout.

David Allen of NBS Fitness recently revealed the supplements he has been using for a long time. Night-T by 1st Phorm is one of his go-to and favorite supplements; it is a sleep aid that is similar to a nasty drug but will not knock you out. Thus, it can help you go to sleep a little bit easier, help you stay asleep, and get more restful sleep. David has been taking some type of sleep aid for almost 20 years now and he recommends it especially to those people who are having trouble getting good sleep or having trouble getting the restful sleep that helps them recover.

David does not enjoy eating fish, so he replaces it with a fish oil supplement. Another supplement that he enjoys is Full Mega, which is also manufactured by 1st Phorm. He’s been taking fish oil for about 15 years, and the main reason he takes it is to fight inflammation, whether it’s from training or stress in life, omega-3 fatty acids do a great job at that.

He’s also been taking multivitamins since he was a teenager. It’s just to fill in the gaps in his diet as he tries to eat as balanced a diet as possible. 1st Phorm also produces Opti Greens and Opti Reds, these are multivitamins he’s been taking, and he takes them because he doesn’t get enough fruits and vegetables in his diet, which he really should be getting for a variety of reasons. However, with supplements, he was able to fill in any gaps that he may have missed, and these allow him to get them in a very simple, easy way, as well as get the fruits and vegetables that he simply does not like or enjoys.

1st Phorm’s Intra-Formance is an intra workout drink that he absolutely adores. Because it contains two different carb sources, he describes it as feeling like a Gatorade superpower. One is a faster digesting one, and the other is a slower digesting one with amino acids and electrolytes. This is what David takes during every workout, and he notices a significant difference in his energy levels. When he has it, he is able to push himself through some of the higher intensity workouts. So this is one he wholeheartedly recommends, especially for those participating in group training.

Formula One and Level One are also two different whey-based proteins that they offer. Formula One is whey isolate and level one is a mixture of isolate and concentrate; it means that Formula One digests a little bit faster, while Level One’s going to digest a little bit slower.  So he takes Formula One after workouts and Level One as a meal replacement when he doesn’t have time to eat or needs something quick and easy. Both of these come in a variety of flavors and taste fantastic; hence why they’re his favorite protein supplements.

The most important thing to remember is that your body requires specific nutrients and vitamins in order to effectively grow, recover, and maintain muscle mass. When you’re not getting the nutrition you need from food alone, it’s time for a supplement.