A Strong and Powerful Why…Is Keeping You From Being Fit

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At NBS Fitness, our process for getting new clients integrated into the facility is through a No Sweat Intro. It’s just a conversation to get to know you, learn about your goals and struggles, and share with you the best way we can help. During the conversation we’ll ask you what your “Why” is. We want to know why you want to reach your goals, why you want to overcome your obstacles, and how your life will change when you do. It is important to have a strong why because at some point you will face a challenge. It may be after the first workout when you’re really sore the next day and just want to hit snooze on the alarm clock. It may be after you’ve found your groove and then get a schedule change at work. It may be after a holiday weekend where you went off your nutrition plan and you don’t have time to meal prep on Sunday. Your why must be strong and powerful to keep you moving forward during times of difficulty. 

Unfortunately, for too many of us, our strong and powerful why is what is keeping us out of the gym. It’s what is keeping us from reaching our goals and overcoming our obstacles. It is what keeps us from living the healthy life we say we want. That “Why” is our justification for “why we can’t”. These run along the same lines for everybody: time and money. 

“My schedule is really busy. I just don’t have time to exercise…to eat healthy…etc.”

“Money is tight. I just can’t afford to work with a trainer…to have a nutrition coach…to do CrossFit.”

Sometimes people call these their “excuses” but what they actually are are an attempt to transfer responsibility. Our time and money are under our control. We can change them and direct them as needed. Saying, “I don’t have time” or “I can’t afford that” is trying to transfer self responsibility away from oneself. Instead, if you value your health and fitness, try saying “How can I adjust my schedule to do the things I know I need to do?” “How can I adjust my finances or make some more money to make room to pay for the services I need to make progress?” 

Thinking this way requires a change in your values and a change in your worldview. Is your job so demanding that is keeping you from being healthy? Are your children’s schedules keeping you from having any time to exercise? Is your house and/or car payment preventing you from paying for the accountability you need to keep you consistent?

Should you find a new job?

Should you take your kid out of one activity to give yourself a little free time?

Should you make some major money sacrifices to pay for the services you need to get fit?

I can’t answer these for you because I don’t know what the consequences of those actions are. But I do know the consequences of passing responsibility off year after year. I know exactly what happens when people don’t prioritize their health and fitness. I’ve seen what the future holds. That is my strong and powerful why. I know what life is like when you take your of your body and I’ve seen what life is like when you don’t. I don’t believe any paycheck or material item is worth giving up your health for. I believe children need parents who are good examples more than they need parents who are good at driving them places. I don’t know what you believe but I know what happens if your strong and powerful why is what is keeping you unfit and unhealthy. I don’t want that for you. I want to help you find a better “Why.”