A Vision of the Future: NBS in 2020

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Next year is fast approaching and with it, a theme of clear vision. 2020 means being able to see clearly what is in front of you without blur or distortion. With that in mind, I wanted to share our vision for next year with all of you. 

The Current State of Fitness

The other day we went to a local cheerleading facility to do InBody scans for parents and talk to them about their health. Virtually all of the parents were obese and only a few seemed remotely interested in making any changes. The irony of kids having to model exercise to their unresponsive parents hit me hard as I have two young boys myself. We currently have three generations of American who are struggling to make health and fitness a part of their lives. Those over 60+ will experience the effects of degeneration and disease, most of which is completely preventable with minor changes to their exercise and nutrition. They will rely on medicine to manage these effects and will pass the costs onto their children and grandchildren.

The current working generation is well aware of the negative effects of poor health but lacks the habits necessary to address it. They are busy and spread thin financially. They struggle to find the time and money to invest in keeping themselves healthy but are always able to find a little extra time to binge watch Netflix and money for a morning coffee or to buy something from Amazon. Their life expectancy will be less than that of their parents.

Children today will see obesity sky rocket among their peers. Having been attached to technology from birth and having access to unlimited food for comfort, they will suffer negative health consequences at very young ages. Having no parental or social examples on how to live healthy lives, they will struggle the most. Their quality of life will be less than that of their parents.

The Current State of the Fitness Industry

Despite the decline in American health, the fitness industry continues to see increasing revenues with the biggest market share going to big box chain gyms. The usage rates for these facilities continues to remain poor as only a handful of their members go to the gym regularly. More advanced at home training technology (bikes with TV screens, mirrors that have exercise videos on them) is entering the market. Much like treadmills and Bowflex machines of the past, these items eventually turn into clothes racks with much higher price tags. The fitness industry continues to market to people’s desires (cheap, easy, no commitment) without addressing their actual needs. This approach is great for revenue generation but not so great at addressing the upcoming colossal health crisis that is going to affect all of us (both the fit and unfit). 

The Future State of NBS Fitness

I opened up NBS Fitness 9 years ago because I saw what the fitness industry was doing (and is still doing) and it was BULLSHIT. Our team is driven and committed to facing the challenge head on. We are committed to helping people make real changes to their health and to their lives. We believe if we can make a positive impact on one person that they will make positive impacts on those around them. We know people need direction, accountability, and community. They need someone to show them a clear path to a healthy future, they need someone to help them stay on that path, and they need others to walk down that path with them. Our focus is making sure we are the best at doing that, regardless of where someone is in their life or health journey.

The picture of the future may look bleak to some, but we see it as a huge opportunity. So many Americans need help and we can help them. Thank you for continuing to support us on our mission and for being an example to those in your family, in your community, and in your country on how to live a healthy life. I wish you the best in 2020 and I hope that your vision is clear.