Common Reasons For Failing New Year’s Resolution

As the year winds down, many of us take some time to reflect on what we’ve done over the past twelve months and set resolutions for the coming one. We might vow to eat better, work out more, or spend more time with our loved ones. While all of these are great goals to have, it can be hard to set goals and stick to them, but with a little bit of planning, you can make sure that your resolutions are achievable. One of the reasons that we break our new year’s resolutions so quickly is because they’re made relatively flippantly, and we use the same goals. Before you set a goal, make sure it’s one that you’re committed to and ready to do what it takes to reach that goal.

Here are four different, radical goals that could help you where you want to go and are more likely to achieve them.

Goal #1: Invest more money in your body than you do in electronics. Or you invest more money each month than you pay for a car payment. Why? Because our money is directed toward our priorities, we must invest in the process if we want to prioritize getting in shape and staying healthy. A watch from Apple will not make you a better person. A car will not make you healthier. Instead, invest in your body because it will be with you for the rest of your life.

Goal #2: Cancel your cable TV provider or cancel Netflix. Most of us will waste our time each night bingeing in front of the TV, which will cause us to sleep later and make waking up earlier more difficult. For most people, most professionals 30 years and older, our best opportunity for training will be first thing in the morning. Take that time to read, invest in yourself, become a better person, and allow yourself to get up early and do your training first thing in the morning.

Goal #3: Replace three bad relationships with three good ones. There are people in your life who are not helping you become the person you want to be. And you’ll be the average of the people you spend the most time with, so you must replace three people who are dragging you down with three people who will lift you.

Goal #4 Set up an escrow account with an attorney. Put a significant amount of money in there that would hurt you if you lost, and then tell the attorney that your goal is to train at least three days a week, every week for the rest of 2022. And if you don’t, he’ll donate a certain amount of money to a charity of your choice for each week you miss. This holds you accountable because there are real-world consequences if you fail to meet your goals.

New Year’s is a good time as any to set a goal. However, if you want to reach this goal, if you’re going to make 2022 different from any previous year, do not be like the millions of others who are just going to quit in three months.