My Favorite Smoothies

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Smoothies are a meal option if you need something, quick, nutritious, tasty, and balanced in macronutrients and whole food groups.

Below are three simple-ingredient smoothies that can provide a well-rounded meal in drink form. Instructions are simple, just combine all ingredients and enjoy!:

Green Smoothie:

1 frozen banana
½ avocado
2 handfuls spinach or kale
2 cups milk of choice
1-2 scoops protein powder of choice

PB&J Smoothie:

1.5-2 TBSP Peanut Butter
1 cup of frozen strawberries or raspberries
1-1.5 vanilla almond milk
1-2 scoops strawberry or vanilla protein powder of choice

Anti-inflammation Smoothie:

1 cup kale
1 orange
1 cup water
½ frozen banana
¼ cup canned light coconut milk
1 TBSP fresh peeled ginger
½ TSP ground turmeric
Sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper (to absorb turmeric)