Clash for Cash: The Events

Strongman on Beale 2020

With the Clash for Cash getting closer every week here is a brief overview of the events of the competition. 

The competition is scheduled for the 31st of October and will consist of five events:
Press Medley
Yoke + Keg Carry
Farmer’s Hold 
Husafell Carry

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The press medley will consist of three implements clean and pressed in the following order a dumbbell, an axle, and a log. The athletes will have sixty seconds to complete the medley. The first two implements will be cleaned and pressed for a single rep and the log will be cleaned and then pressed for as many reps as possible in the remainder of the sixty seconds. Only one clean is required on the log. The athletes must wait for a down call for any of the reps to count.   

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For the Yoke + Keg Carry, each athlete will have ninety seconds to take one yoke and two kegs fifty feet. The yoke and two kegs will all start on the same end on the fifty-foot course. Time will stop once the last of the two kegs has been placed upright past the fifty-foot mark and the athlete is no longer touching it. 

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The third of the five events is the Farmer’s Hold. Both farmer’s handles will be picked up and the time will start once the athlete has completely stood up. The time will stop once one or both of the farmer’s handles has been dropped. 

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The Husafell Carry will be the fourth event. The Husafell will be picked up from the ground and carried for as far as possible. Once the athlete has dropped the Husafell the distance will be measured.

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The last event of the day and arguably the most difficult will be the deadlift for reps. The athletes will have sixty seconds to complete as many reps as possible. A down call from the judge will be required at the top of every rep. If the athlete rushes and does not receive a down call the rep will not count. A deadlift bar with bumper plates and collars will be used for this event. 

Hopefully, this brief overview of the Clash for cash V events will be helpful in your preparation for competition day.