Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Hey everyone! I hope your week is going well and that you’re making time to engage in activities that energize you. How have your workouts been going in the new year? Are you chasing new goals, or continuing your pursuit toward long-term ones? Are you training for an upcoming event, or enjoying the challenge of regular exercise?

Some of our members are taking on a big challenge this weekend at the Sylamore 25K in Allison, Arkansas. This is a beautiful, rugged, and humbling event and the weather can play a critical role as well. Good luck and have fun out there, y’all! Many of our members are also putting in the work training for events such as the Big Buffalo 50K Relay, Strongman on Beale Clash for Cash, the Memphis in May Triathlon, and the Half Ironman. Awesome stuff!

Maybe you have hit a plateau and feel like you are simply going through the motions. Have you spent months, even years only doing things that you’re good at and comfortable performing? It may be time to switch things up and pursue something outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes a change of pace can be just what we need to continue making progress. A break from heavy lifting to pursue a hobby such as mixed martial arts or swimming may help the body recover from one form of training and continue to adapt and progress in other areas. A modification in endurance training to allow for more strength training will help keep us durable for those longer efforts. Not only is getting out of our comfort zones and pushing past our fears the key to growth, it is also the key to resilience.

In all forms of training, we are building resilience. Whether we’re putting in the reps, pounding the pavement or trails, or taking a punch, we are becoming more capable in the process. But we shouldn’t get stuck in a rut. Taking some time to address weaknesses and get outside of our comfort zones can provide many benefits to our health and wellness. We must break away from what’s comfortable to explore more possibilities, to increase our capabilities, and to experience life to its full potential.

If you need any help getting out of your comfort zone, reach out to us.